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Our Stamps & Embossers

Stamps and embossers from are high quality, durable products and should last for years if proper care is given.

PSI reinkable stamp

PSI Stamps
PSI Stamps are premium self-inking stamps with crisp impressions. They last 3-5 times longer than traditional self-inkers and are easy to re-ink. Super quiet: These PSI Stamps are virtually noiseless, featuring a very smooth and quiet operation.

pocket seals embossers

Soft Seals - Deluxe and Junior
Convenient pocket Seals have a heavy duty frame and precision parts for the finest, cleanest impressions every time. The lock mechanism slides open easily for comfortable handling and quick storage. Soft Seals have rubber padding on the handle and frame which makes your grip secure and squeezing the seal easy.

desk embossers seals

XL2 Pre-Inked Stamps!
Maxlight XL2 are the ultimate in pre-inked stamps. They provide unsurpassed impression quality. You can create thousands of clear impressions. Then simply pop off the handle and add a few drops of ink to create thousands more.